The Top 1% Of Men Earn More Money, Attract Beautiful Women, & Command Respect

Leverage The Science Of Style To
Become The Man You Know Yourself To Be

Discover Their Secrets In 30 Days (21 Quick Lessons) Via A Proven Course You Can Take Anywhere With A 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Are You SABOTAGING Your Efforts To Succeed?

  • You’re a grown man dressing like a boy.
  • You've invested time and money into college degrees - YET STILL you don't get ahead.
  • Women IGNORE you. You can't remember the last time you've received a compliment.
  • You don't look like THE MAN in charge. In fact you've been passed over for promotion
  • You're OVERSPENDING on clothes as you can’t tell quality from junk.
  • You have no IDEA what looks good on you. Your clothes may make you look lanky, short, or fat.
  • You have limited funds. You're scared to invest in expensive clothing that you won't wear, might ruin, or worse yet make you look like a fool.

Imagine using style as a WEAPON to command respect, get the girl, & signal strength when walking into the room


Look at the words below.........

Isn't this how you want people to describe YOU?

  • CONFIDENT - You know what you're doing and have control of the situation
  • INTELLIGENT - You appear competent and assumed to be smarter based off a first impressions.
  • POWERFUL - Discover the secrets to signalling primal strength with ANY body type in ANY situation.
  • SUCCESSFUL - Discover how to subtly signal wealth, accomplishment, & refined intelligence.
  • A LEADER - Understand the visual cues human beings look for in those they follow.
  • SEXUALLY APPEALING - Ability to attract others by leveraging subconscious visual cues & mannerisms.
  • RESPECTED - Strong image commands respect. It evokes the hidden rank structure in society.

Imagine A Proven Program That Helps You Achieve All This In Less Than A Month...

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime, Delivered Via Video, Audio, Text, & Image...

A University-Level Course Taught By The Top Men's Image Coaches In The World...

Well you don't have to "imagine" it - I built it!

Is The Personal Image System Right For Me?

I've had over 3000 men graduate from my courses in the last 8 years.

One thing I've learned - that although my students come from a wide range of backgrounds, countries, professions, and range in age from 18 to 80…….all of them found HUGE value in the Personal Images System.


The course is designed to adapt to your needs – it’s comprehensive and timeless lessons are applicable today or ten years from now.  The fundamentals of style apply to artists, lawyers, students, bankers, and teachers.

The bottom line is that ANY MAN can leverage this master-level program if he completes simply HALF of what I ask him to.

Click On Any Of The Case Studies Below To Discover How The Personal Image System Has Worked For Men JUST Like You

"Antonio, it's been more than a year since I first started coaching with you. Thank you for everything you have done so far as your courses have helped me succeed as a young doctor.  I feel great being the best dressed man in the room - you not only taught me how to dress better, but WHY I should care about my personal presentation. "


What Exactly Is The Personal Image System?

The Personal Image System is a 5 part program that any man can leverage to discover the power of style & behavior in a matter of days.

The course can be bought as a whole or individually depending on your needs.

You can see a detailed side-by-side comparison chart by clicking here.

Each Section of The Personal Image System is described below:

1. Personal Image Formula - The Foundation

This introductory course sets the stage for growth.

This entire course can be completed in 3 hours over 3 days.

Here we work to give you sound fundamentals to build off of so that you can better use image for the rest of your life.  We introduce key concepts such as Fit, Function and Fabric.  We also cover how to determine clothing Value, how to wear your new style with confidence, and the basic wardrobe pieces you need to own.

This course is great for those just starting their style journey, yet challenges even those who have been dressing well for 25 years.

As a BONUS it comes with A Man's Guide To Style ($97 Value) - this is a legacy course I still sell and includes a 14 hour audio and 100 lessons on classic menswear.  Yours FREE once you go through the Formula!



2. Personal Image Blueprint - Detailed Information

This advanced course includes the above Formula, and builds off it with an additional 100+ lessons delivered over the period of 1 month.

It also includes bonuses extending 2 more months of training!

The Personal Image Blueprint is the internet's most comprehensive men's style course, full of unique content and concepts you won't encounter anywhere else.

This program is designed for beginners (thanks to our email course delivery they are not overwhelmed) yet comprehensive enough to be a resource for stylishly advanced users.

It is delivered via:

1) article

2) video and

3) audio

All formats are downloadable.



3. Personal Image League - Supportive Community

Human beings are social.

We enjoy learning and supporting others going through a similar transformation.

We have a private membership community where men can share their success and get assistance from others when they have questions and need clarification.

Access to the League is restricted to men that purchase the Personal Image Course - see below.



4. Personal Image Course - LIVE Training & Accountability

This course includes the Formula, Blueprint, and League.

It adds a LIVE classroom environment to the training, and you have access to me and your classmates weekly as we discuss the lessons and their implications in the real world.

The course also has an accountability component to it.

We track and follow-up to make sure you stay on a path and accomplish the program in less than a month through incentives and games.

This program is designed for:

  • intermediate and advanced users

Although men just starting their journey willing to dedicate 3-weeks of intense study are encouraged to join.



5. Personal Image Coaching - One-On-One Training

This is for the person who wants to work with Antonio and his team to up their style, start an online business, or increase sales of their existing business.

If you want to have one-on-one coaching time with Antonio and discuss style or your own business, this is the right program for you. In addition, you will receive a complimentary VIP ticket to the annual StyleCon conference in Atlanta. There you will meet Antonio in a live environment and will be able to join a supportive community of men looking to improve the same areas of their lives.



“I have Antonio with me every day. I would take the bus and listen to his audiobooks or read his articles and try and better myself as a man. I had to learn the hard way to be patient and humble and know that no matter how many failures I go through the goal is to keep an eye on the end destination and give a damn. Knowledge without action leads to frustration.


Finally, A Step-By-Step Course That Just Works!

  • Even if… you have no idea where to start. The System is a road--map to dressing better, with detailed instructions based off fundamentals that once understood will serve you for a lifetime.
  • Even if… your're skeptical of how image affects your earning power and attractiveness. I base my teachings off of scientific studies, military expereince and years as a custom clothier.
  • Even if… you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a new wardrobe. Learn how education and time are the factors a man can leverage to build a wardrobe for pennies on the dollar.
  • Even if… you're are a 38 year-old father of three, a student just graduating, a veteran just separating from the military, a 54 year-old man stepping out onto the dating scene again. Age is irrelevant to the style lessons I teach.

“Dressing well gave me the confidence to put myself out there, and the credibility to be given a chance to prove myself. Now, my outward appearance truly mirrors my inner man.”


Why The Personal Image System Works

The Personal Image System is the only comprehensive men’s style course, which you can take anywhere and dramatically improve your style in less than 6 weeks.

I want to make it easy for you to follow through the course and take action.

mobile1You will discover everything you will ever need to know about style in an easy-to-follow course.

You will learn about what style suits your body type (Lesson 4)

... how to easily match patterns (Lesson 6)

... how to dress appropriately for your age (Lesson 9)

... style and sex appeal (Lesson 13)

... business and casual clothing (Lessons 16 & 17)

... and much more.

In the Core Wardrobe, part of The Blueprint, I introduce you to over 60 individual pieces of clothing that men around the world have worn for decades so that you can make an informed decision according to your individual style and needs.

My clients shared that going through this transformation was the best decision in their lives.

They became noticed at their workplace – their professional style certainly distinguished them (Lesson 16) as people with expertise – even when they didn’t really change their working patterns.

macIn result, they consistently received the positive ratings they really deserved and advanced quickly in their careers (We go into a lot more detail in the Bonus section - Economics and Image).

This boost in confidence certainly impacted their personal lives too.


Well, women were simply more attracted to them – because they were among the few who understood the power of their personal image and how to use it to their advantage (Lesson 13)!

I invite you to make this initial step toward transforming your life and enjoying the rewards of the process.


“First I’m a father of 4 and didn’t want to dress worse than my eldest son. Second, I started working as a barber and wanted to dress up in the industry. And thirdly I just wanted to look like a man and be treated as such.

I grew up without my father around and didn’t have anyone to look up to, so I just copied my friends and dressed like they did. To cut this short, I just wanted to look professional in my line of work and I didn’t want to let my children down anymore.

I’m a man, a father and I want to be treated like one.


$1000+ In Bonuses

Bonus #1 - A Man's Guide To Style ($97 Value)

Get access to my best-selling program that thousands of men have used to improve their style instantly. This course has over 100 lessons and 14+ hours of audio lessons.

Bonus #2 - Premium Email Support ($100 Value)

Get access to the team of RealMenRealStyle with your specific questions via email. We normally respond within 24 to 48 hours and will help you to start dressing better today.

Bonus #3 - Recommended Product Checklist ($50 Value)

Use this printable checklist to figure out what you should buy to make sure your wardrobe is complete. Track new purchases so you don’t waste money on clothes you don’t need.

Bonus #4 - Grooming Guide ($50 Value)

In this eBook you learn how to master your grooming habits. We cover shaving, hair care, nail care, deodorants, soaps, lotions, and creating routines.

Bonus #5 - Body Language ($97 Value)

This eBook on Body Language will teach you how to "sense" what others think but do not say with their words. Learn how to "read" other to be able to communicate better and avoid issues naturally.

Bonus #6 - Understanding Hairstyles ($50 Value)

This is the ultimate Hair Guide eBook for men who want to take good care of their hair, have a great haircut and learn how to use products for a unique and style.

Bonus #7 - Core Wardrobe Course ($197 Value)

The Core Wardrobe gives you specific lessons on more than 60 clothing items that every stylish man should know about. This is an advanced level course only available to you once you go graduate the Personal Image Blueprint

Bonus #8 - Science Of Style Course ($197 Value)

This section is a course on its own, which will give you a detailed understanding of style and the science behind it.

Bonus #9 - Habits Of Stylish Men ($197 Value)

This section is another course on its own. Here you will learn what habits you need to have in place so that you can always have the best appearance without having to even think about it.

Bonus #10 - Manly Manners ($50 Value)

This bonus eBook with give you the fundamentals of how to behave, which can be the difference between a gentleman and a brute.

Bonus #11 - Modern Male Etiquette ($50 Value)

Learn about manly etiquette, which is as much a part of your appearance, as the cut of your suit. It affects how everyone perceives you, from the waiter you tip to the person watching you tip them.

Bonus #12 - Dressing For A Night On The Town ($97 Value)

The social competition and rules that govern night-life are explained in this detailed ebook. We discuss how to get into clubs, clothing to wear for a night out on the town, and ways to have a great & memorable time with your friends.

Who Is The Man Behind The Personal Image System?

Hi, I am Antonio Centeno.

Father, husband, US Marine Veteran turned custom clothier and founder of RealMenRealStyle.

I live in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, USA (Population 1,113).

Two decades ago I didn’t know anything about clothing and how certain colors signal strength. I had no idea how a jacket should fit and why it is important that my clothes are functional and serve me.

Like most men out there, I just didn’t pay attention to the way I dressed – it just wasn’t a priority in my life.

I just knew what I liked and what I didn’t like. I had no idea about fit, fabric or style.

I simply dressed like everyone else and, as such, I never received the benefits of being a sharp-dressed man.

After all, I asked myself on a subconscious level – if no one pays attention to how they are dressed…

Why should I?

It was in my time in the US Marine Corps when I quickly learned the power of a uniform and professional presentation.

Those in our unit, who didn’t pay attention to their uniforms had problems with the superiors as they were perceived as slackers and low performers.

So, You Are Telling Me ANYONE Can Use Style As A Weapon?



I only learned this lesson when I joined the Marines.

Think about it… soldiers have uniforms for a reason… doctors, lawyers, mechanics, coaches..... we have an image of them in our head.

Violate that image, and we trust less instead of complying with their authority.

After the USMC and an intense period of training and learning, I started my first company – A Tailored Suit – I got in the business of creating bespoke clothing and consulted thousands of men on how to create their own personal style.

In 2012 I closed down my clothier and decided to dedicate myself full time to helping men leverage the Science of Style.  I created hundreds of articles and videos at Real Men Real Style, and took the best of my knowledge and create the Personal Image System.

I have spent A LOT of my time and money:

  • learning from the best tailors in the world
  • buying clothes and accessories from vendors to test their claims
  • compiling hundreds of scientific and research papers on human behavior, clothing, scent, & presentation

Fortunately, you don’t have to repeat my long journey!

Instead, within The Personal Image System I share with you all that you need to start dressing sharp and present the best you.

I will help you build a system that will serve you for the rest of your life and will save you thousands of dollars.

I'm proud to say that we've been very successful at helping men around the globe dress sharp.

In fact we've been so successful that we've had our quality content featured in Time, CNN, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, The Art Of Manliness (where I regularly contribute) and we've had millions of views on YouTube & Facebook!

"I am pursuing a degree in Accounting, the chartered route. Your lessons have made incredible influence on how my lecturers judge me and I have even played golf and had coffee with many of them!  Some have even bought me textbooks!...When you dress sharp people always assume that they can learn something mysterious about you…and trust me that's what counts!"



Below Is A Side-By-Side Comparison Of The 5 Part Personal Image System

7 Equations That Make Style Simple
21 Item Essential Wardrobe
10 Steps To Up Your Style In 24 Hours
BONUS - Recommended Product Checklist ($50 Value)
BONUS - A Man's Guide To Style ($97 Value)
BONUS - Premium Email Support ($100 Value)
BLUEPRINT (Includes Formula)
Lesson 1 - Why Give A Damn About Style?
Lesson 2 – The Halo Effect
Lesson 3 - Use History To Dress With Confidence
Lesson 4 - Understanding Body Types
Lesson 5 - The Power Of Color
Lesson 6 - Pattern Matching Made Simple
Lesson 7 - Proportion & Menswear
Lesson 8 - Texture and the Subconscious
Lesson 9 - Dressing Your Age
Lesson 10 - Fashion Inspiration from the Movies
Lesson 11 - Rational Vs. Irrational Decision Making
Lesson 12 - Practice Dressing Sharp
Lesson 13 - Style & Sex Appeal
Lesson 14 - Your Measurements
Lesson 15 - Hard to Fit Body Types
Lesson 16 - Business Clothing Fit
Lesson 17 - Casual Clothing Fit
Lesson 18 - How Clothing Affects Behavior
Lesson 19 – Systems That Keep You Stylish
Lesson 20 - Spending Money Rules
Lesson 21 - In What Order to Buy Clothing
BONUS COURSE - The Science Of Style ($197 Value)
BONUS - Body Language ($97 Value)
BONUS COURSE - Habits Of Stylish Men ($197 Value)
BONUS - Understanding Hairstyles ($50 Value)
BONUS - Manly Manners ($50 Value)
BONUS - Modern Male Etiquette ($50 Value)
BONUS - Grooming Guide ($50 Value)
BONUS - Dressing For A Night On The Town ($97 Value)
BONUS COURSE - Core Wardrobe ($197 Value)
LEAGUE (Includes Blueprint & Formula)
Private Facebook Community
Wardrobe Discounts
Weekly Q&A Office Hours
THE COURSE (Includes Blueprint & Formula)
LIFETIME Access To Personal Image League ($597+ Value)
3-Week LIVE Training Course
Access To FULL (23) eBook Library
Q&A Office Hour Sessions
Mastermind Calls With Antonio
1 On 1 Style Coaching (Instead of Business Consulting)
Business Consulting (Instead of Style Coaching)
Style Con VIP Ticket (LIVE Atlanta Conference)

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to feel confident about making this investment in yourself.

Therefore I offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

There is no risk on your part.

Lifetime Access Guaranteed

You will always have access to the information in this course.

When you purchase the Formula, the Blueprint, the Course or the Personal Image System Coaching you have access to all updates for as long as the course exists.

I want you to get the most value for your money making this investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I get the Formula when I purchase the Blueprint?" +


When you purchase a higher level course, you receive the ones before it.

So, if you purchase the Blueprint, you automatically get access to the Formula.

The same rule applies if you buy the Course - you will get the League, the Blueprint and the Formula together with the Course.

"Which program is right for me?" +

Although you can buy any level program, most men purchase either the Formula (Most Affordable & Basic) or Blueprint (Most Comprehensive & Best Deal).


“Can’t I piece this together for free across the internet?” +

You probably could. I believe that you can learn everything that you want to just by spending the time.

Ask yourself this: How much is your time worth? In other words, how much do you think you can realistically make in an hour of hard work?

Now think about the time it will take you to put together the information, guidance and expertise I have put into this course.

Men who invest in themselves take action.

"Why is this course worth my hard-earned money?” +

How long would it take you to read thousands of fashion magazines, style books, and social psychology texts? How much would a library of these academic periodicals cost?

The answer is thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. Your time is valuable.

“The Personal Image System” is a collection of my best style articles written over the last five years – the product of thousands of hours of research and study. All of these articles are updated, improved, and organized to ensure a pleasurable reading experience.

In addition – I’m one of the few men’s style writers who also works as a custom clothier and image consultant. This has given me a deeper insight into the practical application of the style lessons I teach.

The result is a comprehensive collection of modern style knowledge in an easily searchable and conveniently portable electronic format.

“Why is this course so expensive?” +

I priced this program based on the value I know it will deliver within one year of purchase. If this course helps you to make smarter purchasing decisions, helps you to save time, enables you to dress better, and feel better about yourself……it will have easily paid for itself 10X over.

Over the period of 5 years I feel you’ll get a 100X return as you’ll get promoted or have opportunities come your way that you would have otherwise missed.

This is a life-changing course at a bargain price – in my opinion.

“Why is this course so inexpensive?” +

Thanks - I agree, it's a great deal!

I kept the price affordable for men from all income levels.

I also find that since I’m delivering thousands of dollars in value it makes for a very happy customer – in fact, my return rate is less than 1/2 of one percent.

Yes – this program is that good!

“Where is your proof that this course will improve my life?” +

Our free content across major media outlets speaks for itself – The New Times, TIME Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, Men’s Health, YouTube.

Just Google Antonio Centeno and you’ll see what I mean.

You can also read over 400 testimonials on my website here:

“What happens right after I buy?” +

You will receive an automatic email asking you to register.

Also, I am tracking who joins and within 24 hours of your confirmed registration I will email you.

If for some reason you can’t get in – email me at

Alright - if you've read this far and still have questions please email me via my contact form here.

I want to help YOU discover the power of style - don't let your fear of failure, change, or loss prevent you from becoming the man you know yourself to be!